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3 Things you must have from your Project Manager (PM) or Owner's Representative (OR).

September 15, 20222 min read

The first thing we need to unpack is the description of the role and the person they represent.  The PM will be working for a builder or a General Contractor GC while the OR will be working for a specific client.  Beyond who they report to and represent, I believe that their respective roles are very similar in nature.  When the decision is made to hire a PM or OR be crystal clear in your expectations and ask questions on how they will handle the three main tasks.  


There are three main tasks that you must have from your PM or OR.  


  1. Manage the Project

  2. Manage the Team

  3. Manage the Customer


The number one thing the PM/OR must be able to perform is to manage the project.  I know that sounds a wee bit obvious seeing that the job title is Project Manager, the same thing applies to the OR.  Providing clarity on this role is paramount to the PM/OR’s success.  The project must be clearly defined, this includes: Scope, Specifications, Schedule, Team and Budget.  


The second thing your PM/OR must be able to manage is the project team.  Your PM/OR must have an understanding of who will be performing the tasks in order to successfully complete your project.  There will likely be many skill sets needed and your PM/OR will need to be able to properly source the team with the right talent and be able to communicate effectively to the team their role and responsibilities.  


The third thing your PM/OR must be able to manage is the customer.  Managing the customer has become an ever challenging task. I am not saying that customers are difficult, although sometimes....   I believe customers have more information about products and systems and can expand that knowledge easily with a simple youtube search.  Managing the customer is more about communication and clearly relaying the impacts of any change to the original project scope with regard to budget and schedule. 


I believe that a talented PM/OR can command top tier effort, camaraderie amongst the team and quality once rapport is established and trust is earned.  The Project Manager or Owner’s Representative position is very important to the success of any project. 

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3 Things you must have from your Project Manager (PM) or Owner's Representative (OR).

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